Introducing our 'Order-Made' necktie service!

Being a small, independent company that hand-makes our products in-house affords us several advantages, one of which is very responsive lead times! Working closely with our supplier in Japan, we are proud to introduce a new service that we are trying out: Order-Made neckties!

After you pick your fabric and place your order, your cloth will be shipped from our weaver in Japan to us in Singapore, where we will hand cut and hand sew your necktie together. The process should take only about 2-3 weeks before we can ship it to you.

This new service allows you to pick from a wide range of exceptional fabrics for your order-made necktie - a far broader range than we would be able to offer if we had to keep stock of all that expensive fabric!

The fabrics available for ordering can be viewed from our web album, and your orders can be placed through our webstore here:


-Diana & Gerald

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