In October 2011, we threw caution to the wind and set foot into this small, empty workshop of ours - empty of furniture, but to us, full of promise and possibilities.

We started Vanda Fine Clothing with a thoroughly simple ambition of doing what we love - handcrafting goods to the very best of our abilities. We are glad to announce proudly that one year on, we have kept true to our brand promise of handcrafting our neckties and pocket squares with “meticulous construction, timeless design and tasteful fabrics”.

We owe whatever success we have to you, our dear customers and readers, for all your words of encouragement and support, and of course loyal patronage. Thank you so very much for reading and sharing our story - we hope we continue to do good enough for you to tell someone about us.

To mark this momentous occasion, we have prepared a rather special anniversary collection that celebrates what we do best. This collection features fabrics from each of our different weavers in an assortment of staples - grenadines, wovens, printed twills, and even a cashmere blend - all in either 4 or 6 fold constructions. Better yet, everything has been done in our favourite colour (that unsurprisingly is our brand colour), blue!

Our anniversary collection will be released on Wednesday**, 7 November 2012, at 0800hours EST (2100hours for those in SIN/KUL/HKG). We hope you’ll like it!

**Please note that all future collections will be released every alternate Wednesday instead of Monday!

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